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Scott Riviere, M.S., is a Licensed Professional Counselor and one of the first Registered Play Therapist-Supervisors in Louisiana. He is the Director of K.I.D.Z., Inc., Louisiana's first Play Therapy Institute, where his practice is limited exclusively to children and adolescents ages 2-18 and their families. Scott has over 25 years’ experience dealing with such issues as grief and trauma, anxiety disorders, ADHD, behavioral problems, attachment disorders, and Autism Spectrum disorders.

Scott Riviere is approved to supervise interns seeking to obtain their state-counseling license and Registered Play Therapist credential.  He is currently serving on the Board for the Association for Play Therapy and has been recognized by the Association of Play Therapy for his contribution to the field.  He is a published author, international speaker and frequent guest on various media outlets.

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